In addition to the program already described the Karst offers much more. The Kars region in southeast Slovenia is an extensive limestone plateau stretching from the Gulf of Trieste to the Vipava Valley.

Worth the visit are the Škocjan Caves, which are under the protection of UNESCO. Interesting surroundings area offers quite a few hiking trails along the banks and precipitous edges of the Reka River. This river has contributed most to the emergence of the main cave in the past. It sunks in the cave and comes to surface only in the Gulf of Trieste, called Timava. Several other Karst rivers come to the surface there, but let’s go back to the hiking trail. Approximately 12 km of light paths are passed in three hours. On the way, we have wonderful views of the surrounding Brkini hills and the Vremščica Mountain. Not to mention the views of the depths of the Great and the Small valleys, the collapsed valleys, the river Reka sinkhole. The path after church of St. Helena descends all the way to the canyon of the river, and then rises again to the ruins of the castle Školj. We return across the plateau world to the starting point.
Luckily there are many good old taverns and rural tourism in the Karst, since after this walk the hunger is heavily present. Food offer is adapted to the season. Specialty in this area are so called osmice – wine-growing farms that are allowed to serve homemade food and wine without paying taxes. This 8 days of feast is a 200 years old tradition from the time of Maria Theresa. The atmosphere is cheerful, the accordion is always present, food and wine are abundant. On the table they bring mandatory cold cuts of the ham called Pršut (prosciutto). It has the most distinctive smell and taste of all dry-meat products, even after eating we can still remember its pleasant smell and aroma. This ham often accompanied by kraška panceta (succulent karst bacon), kraški zašinek (dried neck) and some young cheese with garlic and olive oil.

Locals often say »Where the bora wind dries prosciutto and throats, is the home of teran.« The vines of Karst region are full of delicious grapes, from which the Karst people have been making excellent wines for centuries. Vigorous, dark ruby wine Teran remains the great son of the Karst red soil. It is an indigenous Slovenian wine protected with a recognized traditional designation and produced from the Refošk grape variety.



Late in the afternoon we can visit Štanjel, one of the oldest settlements in the Karst Region, known for its old village center and its beautiful Ferrari garden. The latest part of the garden was constructed in the interwar period according to the plans of famous architect Max Fabiani.

This pleasant walk requires something to be eaten with spoon, such as jota, Jota is a stew, made of beans, sauerkraut or turnip, potatoes, bacon, spare ribs, known in the whole northern Adriatic region. The main dish that follows is roasted meat delicacies and seasonal side dish vegetables. For dessert the famous Karst “štruklji” (a type of dumplings) are served. Karst winegrowers also produce an aromatized wine Teranov liker that goes well with štruklji.



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