A good part of Slovenia is covered with hills and mountainous world of the Alpine and Dinaric worlds. In our Kamnik region, nature offers many paths and approaches, and everything is near by. I explore this area eather alone or with my guests for many years now. The most beautiful are unmarked and hunting routes, as there are less hikers on such routes, so that the visitor is even more in touch with nature.

We can reach magnificent sightseeing spots in just a few hours.

If my obligations permit I go to the mountain Kompotela, from which you can glimpse the whole mountain. You need hiking shoes and bars for this way, and in winter, of course, all the other equipment such as crampons, helmet, ice axe. In dry months the path is undemanding, but it is welcome to have good condition. The path leads us through the pastures and under the ski slopes, then up the mountain Koren to 2000 meters.

On the top of the mountain we always take time for some snacks from our backpacks and while having a break we enjoy the views. Back we usually take the other way across the ridge to the Zvoh above the ski slope. In the hut, of course, we refresh ourselves before going down to the valley.


If there is some energy or time left in the afternoon we visit nearer medieval town Škofja Loka. Picturesque town is home of the Škofja Loka Passion Play, the oldest Slovene drama and the largest outdoor theatre production.

The whole region, embraced by two rivers and two valleys, hides also numerous culinary delicacies. Slovenian home-made beef or chicken soup is usually enriched with various additions of pasta, to which also herbs from home garden can be added to get a special taste. For main meal we can choose between diverse local meat products.

Apples were one of rare species of fruit that were abundant in the countryside. Numerous dishes and drinks were prepared from fresh apples from spring to autumn and in winter period were used dried apples instead. A special is also strudel – a dessert, filled with apples from home meadow fruit garden, served with heavenly smelling cinnamon sauce.

Nearby to our restaurant is small village Crngrob, which is best known for its pilgrimage church dedicated to the Annunciation.



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