Branko Urbanija

I was born in Ljubljana in 1963. Shortly after High school I began to work in a administration at the Student Affairs Center and this was for me very unique experience. During summer months I was working on the Slovenian coast where the Student Center of Slovenia had an apartment complex and a camp. I was leading a Reception desk for several years, getting to know many tourists from all over the world. As an enthusiastic tourist worker I loved to familiarize people from other countries with the beauty of our Slovenia.

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In the late 90’s I started to work as a tour guide. I didn’t accompany and guide groups only in Slovenia but also abroad. For a person who is in love with a history and likes to explore new places I visited several European countries such as Austria, Italy, Hungary, France, Spain, Germany, Bohemia, Slovakia, Poland and after the last Balkan Wars also the countries of the former Yugoslavia such as Croatia, Bosnia, Serbia and Montenegro.

In addition of being a guide I began to organize various trips and soon Fortuna Travel Agency was born. Various challenges of my work took me to other continents. I organized and guided Slovene groups to some Asian countries like Thailand, Myanmar, Laos, Malaysia, Singapore and Latin America (Peru, Bolivia, Venezuela).
In spite of these numerous trips, my favourite task remains to show foreign tourists beauties of my homeland.

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